AquaLiv Filter Set - FS200
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AquaLiv Filter Set - FS200

  • $ 11995

Filter set for the legacy model AquaLiv Water System sold before January 28th, 2013, Model # AWS-A200.

Filter changes are recommended every 1000 gallons or one year whichever comes first.

Filter set includes everything to replenish your AquaLiv Water System. Please note that the black tanks never need filters or servicing.


  • Does your system consist of four (4) independent modules?
  • Are the white purification filters split into one (1) double unit, and one (1) single unit?

If yes, this filter set is for you.


Check your email for a Filter Change Reminder sent 11 months after your system purchase or last filter purchase. It includes a $20 filter discount!