Purification Expansion Kit – AquaLiv
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Purification Expansion Kit

Purification Expansion Kit

  • $ 3376

This kit expands any AquaLiv Water System to accommodate special treatment cartridges for problem water. The kit is installed upstream of the AquaLiv Water System and accepts standard size 10" cartridges from any manufacturer.

Please ensure you choose the correct size kit for your system:

  • 3/8" OD fits AquaLiv Water Systems A305 or A300
  • 1/4" OD fits AquaLiv Water System A500

Kit includes one housing, fittings, bracket, and 3' length of flexible pipe. Does not include filter cartridge.

Please do not order this product unless instructed to do so by an AquaLiv Water Treatment Specialist. Over 99% of customers DO NOT need this product.